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Palm Trees - All Varieties

We have every species of palm tree in stock. If not, we can get it for you in just a few days.

We sell and install Sabal palms, Washingtonia palms, Queen palms, Pindo palms,

Canary Island Date palms, Phoenix Sylvester palms, Medjool palms, Robellini, European Fan palms, and Sago palms.



Coastline's Classic Sabal Palm Tree Pruning Style

Most Common to Destin - Sabal Palm Tree - The Florida State Tree

​Wrong: Using tree climbing spikes does not damage a palm.
Right: Palms should not be spiked when pruning. The spikes damage the palm’s trunk and provide entry points for diseases that could kill your palm.
Wrong: All drooping fronds should be removed.
Right: Dead or dying fronds should be removed. It is best to
leave healthy fronds when possible. If you must remove healthy
fronds, do not remove fronds that grow at a 45 degree angle or
greater from the horizontal. When pruning is finished, the palm fronds remaining should droop over enough to reach an imaginary horizontal plane, drawn from the growing point.
Wrong: Palm fronds must be shaved (peeled) immediately in order to have a complete pruning job.
Right: Do not shave freshly pruned frond bases. This can damage the trunk allowing diseases to attack your palm. Instead, limit shaving (peeling) to the old, dead frond bases. Cuts should be close to the trunk but not so close that the trunk is damaged or “nicked.”
Wrong: Palms fronds must be cut flush with the trunk.
Right: Palm fronds should be cut as close as possible to the trunk, but not so close that the trunk is damaged by the pruning, however, a large frond stub should not remain.




Phoenix Sylvester



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Our Commitment

​Time tested since 1995, Coastline Tree Service & Landscaping has proven to be the leader in tree care and landscaping by keeping the overhead low to pass the savings along to you, our valued customer. Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Thank you for keeping Coastline Tree Service & Landscaping thriving for all these years. 

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